Passenger handling:
» Ensure that check-in counters, transfer counters and gates are properly staffed
» Ensure that flight and company logo of airline is properly displayed at check-in counters, gate and monitors at the airport
» Ensure timely disembarkation of incoming flight
» Ensure that transfer passengers on inbound flight are properly handled at the arrival gate
» Ensure that inbound and onward passengers on outbound flight are properly handled.
» Ensure proper indication of boarding time on boarding passes and on TV-screens at the airport
» Ensure timely boarding of outgoing flight
» Ensure passports of outgoing passengers are checked (if required)
» Ensure that incoming and outgoing passengers requiring special services are properly handled at the gate and at check-in (UM, WCHR/S/C, MAAS, DEPU/DEPA/INAD, VIP, etc)
Baggage handling:
» Ensure incoming baggage is properly handled
» Ensure incoming and outgoing transfer baggage is properly handled
» Ensure correct baggage labelling
» Ensure that excess baggage is properly handled
» Ensure proper DAA baggage handling, if applicable
» Assist in tracing lost baggage, if required
Cargo and mail handling:
» Collect incoming cargo and mail documents from crew and hand over (partly) to handling agent. Keep copies for airline file, if applicable
» Collect outgoing cargo and mail documents from handling agent and hand over as required to crew. Keep copies for airline file
» Ensure proper handling of NOTOC's etc
Operational handling:
» Check and verify aircraft data, ETA and LDM of incoming flight
» Parking position/gate - incoming & outgoing flight
» Number of incoming passengers
» Onward connections for incoming passengers
» Special services required for incoming passengers
» Incoming baggage and delivery at aircraft (if applicable)
» Incoming cargo, HEA, VAL, PER, etc
» Incoming mail
» Handling of Comail/Comat in & out
» Configuration, fit/remove cabin divider
» Special ground handling requirements (e.g. GPU, ASU, A/C e.g. required)
» Booked passengers, cargo (HEA, PER, VAL, etc) mail outgoing flight
» order (special) meals required for outgoing flight
» CFPs, Notams and latest weather-briefing for outgoing flight, company docs
» EZFW, availability of ATC-flight plan, CTOT for outgoing flight
» Crew briefing: e.g. number of passenger, ordered meals, information regarding special passengers (UM, WCHR/S/C, DEPU/DEPA/INAD, MAAS, VIP, etc)
» Cargo/mail/special load/other matters of operational interest
» Relay fuel figures to fuel supplier and handling agent operations
» Collect from crew: passenger manifest, incoming flight loadsheet, if applicable
» Cargo and mail documents and co-mail incoming flight
» Negotiate for de-icing if required, technical assistance, hangar space etc if required
» Negotiate for on-time boarding
» Cargo and mail documents outgoing flight, NOTOC (to be signed by captain) if applicable
» Passenger documents (TPM, Security list, PIL, seating-plan, etc)
» Loadsheet (data-crosscheck if required, preparation of manual load sheets, if required)
» Ensure that all messages (ATA, ETD, ATD, PTM, PSM, TPM, LDM, etc) are sent on time by handling agent
Ramp handling:
» Ensure timely availability of air-bridge connecter, foreman, loaders, equipment for (un)loading, fuel-suppliers and cleaners at the parking position/gate
» Ensure timely availability of GPU, ASU (if required), toilet servicing, steps, push-back, etc at parking gate
» Ensure proper and timely (un)loading of baggage (also standby and DAA), cargo and mail
» Ensure timely delivery of catering, newspapers if applicable
» Coordinate loading-figures for loadsheet with foreman
Irregularity handling:
» Ensure that passengers are properly informed about delays/cancellations
» Ensure that refreshment/meal vouchers are handed to passengers in accordance with company regulations
» Ensure rerouting of stranded passengers (e.g. on FIM) and/or arrange HOTAC, bus transfers, etc if required
» Coordinate matters with captain and the airline's head office
» Take care of crew, if stranded
» Coordinate matters with captain and maintenance company at SPL in case of technical problems
Administrative work:
» Handle flight coupons
» Obtain/give endorsements if required
» Handle airport statistics
» Handle local statistics of the airline
» File flight documents
» Fill in flight report
» Send required messages
» Perform any other administrative work the airline may require